How do I verify and manage the recommended Toto site?

No place is 100% safe. The best private toto sites of 2019
There are many toto sites that disappear suddenly one day even if they are used normally without being eaten.
We always monitor the site so that you do not use it with such anxiety, and if you see any suspicious signs, we will contact you in advance to help you avoid being harmed.

What is the Toto site selection criteria?

We have looked closely to recommend the Toto site that suits your style.

major verification

It doesn't matter who's running it. We have selected only the operators of Toto Site for at least 5 years, and they are all major playgrounds that can be contacted directly.

Verification before charging

Charging and changing is the basis of a safe playground. If you have any problems before recharging, please contact us immediately. We will take care of it quickly.

Information management verification

Your valuable information must be thoroughly protected. We have selected only Toto sites that are thorough in safety and security.

Korea Sports Toto is a national public service project, and its history began with the first release of Soccer Toto on October 6, 2001, and since then, professional basketball in November 2001, professional golf in June 2004, and professional baseball in July 2004. , Ssireum in September 2004, and professional volleyball in November 2006. Athletic lottery. Also called gym uniform. The official name in Korea is Sports Promotion Betting Ticket. It is issued by the National Sports Promotion Agency. It is in progress as a national gambling project to revitalize sports and create the National Sports Promotion Fund. However, Toto has a very low refund rate than overseas Toto, and is very low at 50% compared to 72% for horse racing and 70% for horse racing.

What is Toto ? Another sport, Sports Toto A new type of sports leisure game Sports Toto is an advanced sports leisure game enjoyed while analyzing the game through interest and participation in sports.

What is Proto ? The proto is divided into a match-type and a record-type. Your own style prototype! - This is a customer-selectable sports game where you can vote according to your taste. 먹튀검증